Celebrating The Women Who Blazed The Trail Before Me

Celebrating Women Worldwide

Today, I want to thank the women in my life who have built "Cairns" as they have paved a path for many to follow.  These cairns became trail markers for me. Messages

of encouragement that spoke to my heart.

You're not alone... Someone has been here before... Keep Going... You can do this...

Because of the women who blazed the trails before me, I felt empowered and didn't question whether I could be a wife, mother, friend & entrepreneur.

I will forever be grateful for the remarkable influences I have had of integrity, hard work, belief, courage, self-care because of courageous women who showed me how I have continued on the path and place a stone atop the cairn they have built. I have not stopped but continue to climb to the next peak to build another cairn to offer hope for the next traveler, reminding them that they are not alone. Someone has been there before.

"There is simple beauty in a cairn and the connection it creates with people from the past and from all over the world. It let's us know that we are not alone."

Annette Anderson of Cairn The Load

Don't judge yourself by your past, you don't live there anymore.

If you’ve ever found yourself feeling lost, alone, or like nobody understands why you feel the way that you do. We want to help. There are no perfect paths for healing and there is never a right or wrong answer when it comes to what we should be doing with our life. Yet in this journey of self-discovery, we have learned so much about ourselves and others around us as well as how people think differently than each other. Let Us Help You Find Your Promised Land

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Have you ever felt alone or like you are the only person who has traveled this lonely road before? Cairns are a means of communicating that someone has been there before you, marked the path, and giving you reassurance – here’s the trail, you’re on the right path! In our lives, we can build our own cairns and contribute to others' cairns by placing a stone on top helping each other through life's journey.

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