How to avoid wasting your time comparing yourself with others

Some people care too much about what others think of them and often spend their time worrying about how they appear to other people. If you're getting hung up on what other people think of you, then it's time to stop comparing yourself with everyone else. Everyone is different, and there are no perfect versions or guaranteed approvals or acceptances in this world; the sooner that we realize these facts about life, the better off our lives will be.

Comparison is a trap that leads to emotional distress and low self-esteem. Here's how you can stop comparing yourself with others and start loving who you are.
Don't fight with yourself. Fight for yourself.

If we change our perception and decide that happiness will not depend on how others think of us, it will depend on how we think of ourselves. We can also simplify the process by reminding ourselves no one is perfect. Whenever you feel down about yourself, remind yourself what's great about who you are! When taking care of your own needs becomes easier and more natural to take care of other people without feeling guilty or ashamed.

Did you know that "self" is a part of yourself? And if you want to be the best version of yourself, then it's worth remembering to take care and love your relationship with "yourself."

When we take time out for ourselves, it helps us keep our own self-esteem high and lets us know all the positive qualities. There is often a lot of pressure in social circles, leading to feeling less confident about oneself.

Find ways you like spending one on one time with yourself, whether this means taking some personal space or carving out an hour every day where no phones are allowed! If we change our perception and decide that happiness will not depend on how others think of us, it will depend on how we think of ourselves.

The need for acceptance and validation is a strong motivator. Still, it can also be destructive if we don't take responsibility when making decisions that could affect our wellbeing or the happiness in someone else's life. If you're feeling broken by your struggles with accepting yourself as enough, schedule a discovery call with us today to see how we can help. We'll do everything possible to support you on this journey of self-love and acceptance so that you feel whole again!

"There is simple beauty in a cairn and the connection it creates with people from the past and from all over the world. It let's us know that we are not alone."

Annette Anderson of Cairn The Load

Don't judge yourself by your past, you don't live there anymore.

If you’ve ever found yourself feeling lost, alone, or like nobody understands why you feel the way that you do. We want to help. There are no perfect paths for healing and there is never a right or wrong answer when it comes to what we should be doing with our life. Yet in this journey of self-discovery, we have learned so much about ourselves and others around us as well as how people think differently than each other. Let Us Help You Find Your Promised Land

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