How To Believe In Yourself

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When I first thought of this question, I honestly didn’t know how to answer it. I always assumed that one was born with self-belief, and if you didn’t have it, you were probably never going to get it.

What I failed to realize is that self-belief is a skill. It is a skill just like happiness, positivity, motivation – a skill in which one must continue to practice on a daily basis if they want to develop and hold onto it.

Self-belief truly is a game change. Once you withhold it and all of its power, you will be off to the races towards living the best life that you could ever have imagined for yourself. That much I promise you.

In reflecting on my own life, here are some tips that have helped me to improve the belief that I have in myself.

1. Remove all negativity from your life.

To start believing in yourself more, you need to be willing to cut ties with everything (including relationships) that aren’t going to benefit you. You need to be filled with happiness and encouragement, not negativity or any other emotion that is only going to drag you down. I know that it sounds like a bunch of fluff, but it’s the truth.

The environment that you are in, the people that you surround yourself with, the activities that consume your time, all of these need to be a direct representation of who you want to be as a person. Failure to change any of these areas in your life will only lead to the failure in improving your self-belief.

2. Set goals for yourself

One reason that people struggle to succeed is because they fail to set goals for themselves. They run through life blindly hoping to “catch a big break.”

When one runs through life blindly, they forget to progress towards the things that they want to achieve. Well, when they don’t progress towards the things that they want to achieve, they start to see themselves as a failure and start to doubt their abilities.

If you really want to catch your big break, you do so by setting small and attainable goals for yourself and working towards them. Once you start achieving the smaller goals that you set, not only are you improving your self-belief because you realize that you can actually achieve your goals, but you are simultaneously progressing towards your larger goals.

3. Love yourself for who you are.

This really should be the first tip as it is the most important tip. You need to love yourself for the incredible person that you already are. If you don’t love yourself, you will never be able to believe in yourself and every piece of advice that you hear will mean nothing.

You are not perfect and you are never going to be perfect. You are going to make many mistakes and experience difficult challenges along the way. Only those who love themselves for the imperfect person that they already are will give themselves the opportunity to succeed. Without giving yourself the opportunity to succeed, you will never know what you could truly achieve.

You are you, and that is your greatest power.

You may not know it, but you better start believing it. Nobody is you, and that is your greatest power. You can achieve anything that you set your mind to, you can achieve any goal that you work towards, and you can live any life that you imagine for yourself. Only those who are crazy enough to follow their dreams will ever achieve them. Start believing in yourself and give yourself the opportunity to live the life that you deserve to live.

Michael Bonnell

"There is simple beauty in a cairn and the connection it creates with people from the past and from all over the world. It let's us know that we are not alone."

Annette Anderson of Cairn The Load

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